I Write, I Handle Projects

A new day with a new Project. A series of thoughts and questions arise – What is the scope, Is it a technical project, how long is the schedule, what are the technologies involved, Am I learning something new?

Mostly these questions are left unanswered during the entire life-cycle of the Project. Various standards are identified to handle the trauma in a much simpler way. Some of them are MCSE, PMP, CAPM, PRINCE certifications and many more. Are these the ideologies challenging our capability to handle common sense? Well, the facts are we are a google driven generation that has forgotten old age skills of navigation and book-referring.

With the basics in place, we enter the overseas battle of requirements gathering and tracking the project schedule. With the subsequent stages of start-up and planning we realise there isn’t a charter provided. Starting a project was a decision reached after a careful thought. Does, No Charter put an end to your role as a project manager. Yes, it doesn’t give you an authorization over a project.

To avoid poor scenarios reflecting inadequate skills, it is efficient and considered as a best practice to undergo a certification. Well, are we comparing Knowledge Vs a Paper measuring your capabilities!!!


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