Detailed Oriented Killing Time

With too many expeditions and travel, I have declared a pause. Earlier today, I had started my day with a long long and a very long drive. Stopping-by to buy some flowers for my desk.

I just had a thought of my last weeks expidition in Hawaii. While I am through with the 7 hour flight sailing over the Pacific and the scary thought of drowning which had made me google   the amoeba like location of  Oahu amidst Pacific, I had got scared with goosebumps all over me. I suddenly went to the YouTube url and watched a demo-video of Tsunami hitting Honolulu. And I had started feeling even more scared. Gosh !! Wish I had a private jet or may be I was AMELIA EARHART. Guess, for no reason I am re-visiting the thoughts.

Currently, my monday blues are the best friends. Never leave me no matter where am I. I tried to concentrate back to my activity list. Well, I am starting today with a pre recorded audio file. Hope it is clear enough to understand the idea of the software developer. Its so difficult to concentrate when I don’t see coffee in my mug and it gives me a chance to stroll for a while. After all I want to start work with fresh mind. Isnt it?

I am back in a jiffy, well I really don’t like wasting time. With 2 Coffee mugs already over,  I am still thinking over the design overview. It is difficult to write about someone’s idea and development of certain software. I’m helpless without a GUI and with an audio tape. Why am I doing this?

I have almost managed to finish a recording of 10 minutes in 6 hours !!!

Am I extremely detailed oriented or incompetent to comprehend? However, after looking at the neat, nicely formatted document, which makes absolute sense; I am doing just right.


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