Some Say Food is for Peace

I am starting to forget what it means to be a calorie constrained lady. 

Is there a limitation to how much you eat in a day? Starting the metabolism with buttery Pancakes, a banana and a boiled egg in the morning. I reach work to get pampered with complimentary breakfast. After sipping over Chai and reading the emails I check my watch  waiting for Lunch time. Not that I want to eat again, it is the time to catch up with friends.

Several companies treat their employees with excessive indulgence. I am fortunate enough to be a part of one where a person comes after timely intervals and handover biscuits, chai, coffee and juice. And not to forget a very yummy snack every evening !! Yumm !! Well, I don’t want to be eating and sitting all the time. And I am ready with the excuse that the Company is bribing me with food. Isnt it? Spoiling my eating habits and excessive work load. See, I do have a realisation !!

I have few friends following GM Diet. A 7 day weight loss program designed for General Motor employees considered as a best diet plan. Wow, you can eat as much as you want and go on the GM Plan in the next week. My closest friend said, ” I do GM every month for detoxification”.

GM Day 1 and 2 starts with a Diet coke with Extra Extra cheese burger. A friend said, “Tt is just a day 1, I will be thin and slim by the end of the week. I BET”. Day 3, 4  and 5 passes gradually with a strict intake of fruits and vegetables. Day 6 and 7 are bad and no one can control the rising taste buds. With the thought of ‘ Only 1 slice of pizza for the day. I wont eat anything else. I promise!’ You finish a pizza with a cheese garlic bread and a chocolate brownie with a vanilla ice-cream. And now you are completely loaded with a felling of guilt.

There are people who find peace and comfort in food. Exaggeration, anorexia. One of my acquaintances suggested a self-induced vomiting. Goodness Gracious!!! Ewww, and lots of Yuck. Better be safe eating proportionate food and adequate excercise.

While my day at work is almost over and the next course of meal is almost ready at home, I am  rushing back  home to enjoy food. Well, I know i don’t want to eat, it’s just a time to catch up with Family 😉

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