Political Blame Game For Tragedy

Bengal train derailment: Over 140 dead. The newspapers were flooded with a grim headline. As we are sipping the early moring tea, catching out train to work or opening our sleepy eyes. This attack has got me thinking..

While the debates are still ON in determining whether this is a Maoist Attack. Several politicians are covering up the brutal act by saying that the Police and Army control should be increased in the Maoist areas.

The Government is shamelessly defining their glorious contribution of help by rescheduling night trains in the Maoist areas.The Railway Minister has completely stopped the trains running in the night. The Government has blindly taken an action to control the mishap. Isnt this going to get the Maoists encouraged. This simply shows that we are scared.

With the change in train schedules, the Maoists have become more confident.

In the mean time we can only wait helplessly to see next action from the Naxalites!


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