Green in the Air

It was 4:30 pm and suddenly i heard thunder. Looked outside, it was dark and gray. Wishing not to get drenched on the way back home, i hoped – let it not rain.

No Showers yet. Few of my friends went out for a stroll. Some ordered BHAJIYA. Some said let it rain. 

While we were busy decorating for a birthday party. Everyone else were enjoying the rain. Some were discussing seriously about acidic rains and volcanic clouds. Some said, ” Umbrella’s should be used in a upside way to collect water”. Huh!!  

It drizzled when we went upstairs. It had rained and drained.  The roads were flooded with water and traffic. There wasn’t elecrtricity and at some places it was intermittant.

Atleast, admist the heat and dust, the city has started looking fresh and clean.

Isnt it  a Green in the Air.


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