Live or get FAT

From last 26 years I have been listening to woman and man complaining about putting on weight. Losing the temper and the usual good humor because they feel that they have put on a weight. I wonder if maybe we are exaggerating. There are methods getting invented every minute to lose weight.

We step inside a pharmacy and are visually assaulted by all sorts of miraculous products that promise us to do a majic with our weight. But we dont stop and control eating.What makes us experiment on the body we had since we were young? Will it ever be at all possible to control weight with pills? Of course not. And so why do we need to be slim? We don’t. We buy books, go to the gym, devote a great deal of our concentration trying to stop time and calories, when we ought to be celebrating the miracle of living in this world.

Instead of wondering how to live better, we are obsessed with how much we weigh!

Let’s forget all that; you can read all the books you want, do all the exercise you want, suffer all the punishment you decide and you will have only two choices – you either stop living, or else you will get fat. It is obvious that you have to eat moderately, but above all you have to take pleasure in moderate eating.

The other day I was in a Italian restaurant with a friend, and we were talking about salads. With all due respect to vegetarians and the fundamentalists of food, for me, salad is just something to decorate a dish. We cannot live without it, but on the other hand we cannot consider it as the center of attention.

Every day the newspapers publish stories of young people looking for fame on the ramp who end up dying because of this obsession with weight. Who invented this story that we have to spend our whole life being slim?

While millions of people in the world are hungry, we see people provoking sliming obsession because at some moment or other somebody decides that being slim is the only option for regaining youth and beauty. Instead of artificially burning those calories, we should try to turn them into the energy we need to fight for our dreams; no-one has ever stayed slim for long just by following a diet.


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