Upper East Siders

 It was good to have a lay over of 3 hours in JFK.  My excitement doubled when I saw checkered Burberry displays in Cincinnati. My eyes were drooling over the fancy shops while searching the Airbus. I liked stretching my legs finally after a while and the fresh cold air felt nice.

I landed JFK to know that I had a terminal change. I looked around in search of an Air India Terminal and found none.

It was chilly outside. While crossing street, a Greek traveler joined me who had a flight to India and needed direction. Suddenly, I saw a red oriental lady approaching us for help. She had a flight scheduled to leave in few minutes. It appeared that JFK is huge and organised with proper sign boards but some reasons people had a tendency of getting lost due to the huge infrastructure. Little did I know that I can go to another building and yet another building to look for Air India, wonder they have so many terminals. The problem arises while travelling through multiple airlines with a plane change. We three people had started walking. With couple of hours in hand, I guided the lady. I remembered Alicia Keys singing New york Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made’. 

After walking for 20 mins, I had reached the security check-in. There were exceptionally charming federal officers standing strong – almost doing nothing. Some of them guess.. were Newbies – trying to have fun at work. Few welcomed us with a friendly smile. They were just like a vogue cover page models – standing tall and beautiful. Some exchanged quick looks, brief looks and secret looks..a federal group started conversing with me. A curly black federal boy was anxious to know the city I am heading and why am I alone. It was flattering! Some reasons..dont know why..I wished I could just leave this place and get settled in my seat. There where people standing in a long queue waiting for their turns, mostly Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Srilankans, and Indians. All I could see in the queue were Asians. There were Old People and  infants standing and crying in and out of the queue. The entire atmosphere made my heart sink. Someone had come to leave Someone. And amidst all, I was alone.

I finished the security check when a Security Officer approached me and said, ” From your passport it seems you are a frequent flyer”. He was someone in 40’s. He further said, ” I want to marry an Indian Girl. Can you find one for me?”.  Embarrassed! I was polite enough to refrain a spinster chase. I gave him few ideas so he can search one for himself. He insisted and gave me his email address and a phone number. I took it and again started wishing to get settled in the Air India seat fast.

It took me almost 2 hours to complete the security check and reach the main gate. I was hungry and tired. The boarding had already started. With agony in mind!  My batch number was called and I surrendered. Luggage attendant asked me if I have shopped any duty-free item. With an emphasized smirk, I dejected and replied No.

The flight was empty with a lady Captain. Next to my aisle, I noticed was sitting an African person. I took an Elle and started flipping. Possibly missing the endeavours, i started  reverse counting the hours to my destination.


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