Blending Blacks & Reds


In this picture, i have drawn a simple geometric design using a protector and have filled it with bold Red and Black. I have used oil colors with linseed oil on a flat canvas. Various effects are created using thin and flat brush. Design portion is executed with a flat knife. 










A reminisance of events as i write this blog about a very first picture i made without much interest. Likewise its too much hassle arranging colors, pallates, brushes etc. Site seeing and collecting ideas, so called reproductions of some form of art. I made this with no effort and much appreciation. And i gave it to someone who needed it. 

Posing Amidst Colors


A collaborative effort of everyone suggesting what and which painting they want. Some already deciding a place to put it on a wall while someone ready to buy the unfinished and unexecuted picture.

 Well, first things first and now that i have a place to show my creativity i have many more to come.


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