Men Should Dress Well

Chuck Bass Flaunting Purple. -_-

Women and  their Dressing…Everyone knows it goes hand in hand beautifully.  And often we see in parties or at a dinner how well women would flaunt her dress with a matching clutch and stilettos. It can be her perfume or a freshly done manicure, isn’t it always neat!!!! Why men are lagging much that no one could find the traces of  their grooming skills? Themselves.

Would a men think that adding an extra touch or edge will make them look effeminate? The truth is, men simply don’t care and buy cheap cloths or have no clue about dressing. LOL. Indeed, smart excuses to get rid from the effort of dressing. It is even difficult to follow a business casual dress policy at work or a casual wear at the evening!

Dressing well  – is not an indicator of wearing expensive tags. It is wearing smart clothes. Specially, a trend is noticed with people having money with no sense of shopping. Do they not see the mirror?

I remember few onscreen celebs going beyond the personal style. Like Chuck Bass (Gossip Girls) wearing a tinge of purple and bow ties questioned at instances,”why do you wear so much purple”? And still, the feminine colour is handled so efficiently that  I have read blogs from different colleges that they have actually started Chuck Bass Fridays.

Bass had wealth and youth, but without either qualities and with little inspiration and awareness, men possibly might catch up the grooming abilities and standards set by women. Sad but true.

I must say, “Men, Please get dressed”. If not for someone else please do it for yourselves.

So that YOU feel and look good !


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