I see Moods differ !

I have a friend who is a complete attention seeker. One who will never forget to put an extra emotion and emphasis on a public networking and social websites.  A complete drama queen with intense and significant gestures and exclamations. Differing mood swings and impulsive notions. And i am easily victimized with all my humble concerns. Seems, the child like attitude never dies while growing.

Having witnessed a culture where people are imperceptible. Cold without any warmth, and, unapproachable. Contrary, there are cordials with humanity that can reverberate for entire lifetime. It turns out that giving, far more than receiving, is a surprisingly potent force that brings people and happiness together. But current vogue doesn’t like giving. At least I don’t.

To be attended and observed all the time. Like continuously governed and monitored. Just like a baby says, “Mommy look what i made”. Some are serious and punctual with the fact that they know what they are doing and don’t want to get bothered by unnecessary attention. Misusing the reliance of course and tossing seriousness is a genuine trend and everyone has priorities against efficiency. Like Joker says “Why so Serious”.

The act of quietness is defensive and might be misunderstood. Yet Safe! flamboyance is little more to ask, if not justified with proper actions and results.  And yes, resistance is futile. A little less limelight can be considerable. Irrespective of any behaviour, communication is most essential even if you run and hide. At times we fail,  forget and dont want to use it. It is a source generating information that everyone wants. You can incorporate your behaviour in various ways (Shy, Loud, Assertive, Aggressive) but behaviours are impertinent, if you dont communicate.

Of couse i have a behaviour, like everyone does, and i am Greedy. In not a good or bad way.This is my way to have a greed for knowledge, a greed of aspiration, a greed to be successful. Who doesn’t? I always want more. The process of gaining knowledge is inadequate and i find ways and means to know more. More than ever, like never before. But yes not forever. I learnt to learn.

Seeing things from a new point of view is enlightening and free suggestions are always abundant. But things differ, when facts are proved. No one will change the view of thinking in spite of lot of external factors. So arrive that stage to look around and search a different way. Extra miles are needed for those who lack efficiency and not competency. Encompass a behaviour that benefits you and around you, not to pertain a behaviour just so you want to do.


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