Not for the Blind Side ?

She dazzled in a black cocktail dress pairing in beige pumps. Everyone gave her a standing ovation as she walked the podium. She looked at her best and said, “I am not dead”,  ‘I am not going Anywhere’, and “I Like what i do’. Though at 45, she did not look like one that deserved a Generation Award.

An award for not The Blind Side but OMG! it is for All About Steve. That irritating girl in pastel pink shade skirt got an award finally! While newbies around like Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart nominated in the same segment, Sandra Bullock lost her luck this time with Kristen Stewart scoring for being Bella for New Moon. Well FYI, for the first time Emma Watson was nominated for being a grown up Hermione Granger.

Scarlet Johansson filling up for hubby Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper on stage, Sandra stole the show with a girl on girl pre planned action with Scarlet. The best part is, Sandra managed to divert crowd’s questions about the current state of her life and said to Johansson, “We can come back to normal”.

With a new Bullock on everybodys mind, people can’t easily forget gossiping the Sandra and Scarlet Act for at least a while. Good news, the lady has ruled and conquered the crowd.

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