What takes a Bride to Say Yes to a Dress?

Remember 27 Dresses, Tess rips her mom’s wedding gown to use just its lace or Sandra Bullock struggles in The Proposal to fit inside her mother in laws retro gown. Anna Hathaway and Kate Hudson did not make a crime, fighting over sharing a common aisle in The Bride-Wars. While, JLo preserves her mom’s dress in The Wedding Planner and in The Gone with Wind Scarlett stitches a dress out of a curtain. Apparantly, woman are intelligent and knows the importance and plans meticulously. Indeed, woman gives too much attention planning and wishing for the grand day.

The show Bridezilla gives an opportunity of combining these illusions and realities to present a perfect picture. Tremendous efforts and on-screen realities of reel life are shown thats helps envision real life. Almost solves the questions of what you want to do. And so you can pick if it’s a trick or treat.

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? another show emphasizing the controversies between a to be bride and a wedding planner justifying and giving much more importance to the event.

What takes a bride to Say Yes to a Dress? Full of Whites and Flowers, Kleinfeld is a bridal salon. A custom-made dress with various styles and shades for the too Be’s. A world-famous store that recently showcased an episode –  where an Indian bride wanted to buy a conventional Red dress. Ofcouse, a one piece red bridal dress was difficult to find and fashion director Randy came in for the rescue. Finally she decided to have a white dress dyed with Red and topped with a tiara. Obviously, it is the most important dress she is going to wear and for her it was perfect.

Randy further said that his sense and ability with true arguments has helped him turn a brides illusion into a reality. I dont think that makes her say Yes. If that is so easy then everyone will take To BE’S to Randy and not Tiffany’s .

I guess its just Kleinfeld. Who will not accept it?


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