Fields of Gold

Time is passing without any worth. And i am scared, it will not be back again. I am living in a world where my best friend is an Internet and i cant live without it.  Yet, I don’t get all the answers i want. Some say there is no answer to all the Whys. Everything is unexpected and unwanted.

I don’t see signs of relief but unfortunate and unpleasant moments. Wanting so much, a feel of trust and a true worth. A word of comfort and respect. At least pieces that i deserve. 

Never knew people are self involved, i thought they don’t bother. I am accepting the conditions offered to me, also talks and miseries; provided people start bothering for me. Very patiently i try and comprehend the facts but i am not so strong to confront them. I would have failed, had it not been my friends.

I am that child who has dropped an apple while taking it from the God’s hand and has stood up again like a phoenix, to achieve it back. I am hoping, there are no WHYs this time. I am hoping, let the best apple be there..somewhere..getting cultivated in the God’s farm. And who knows, when the time stands still and my turn arrives, i get the best one. From the hands of God. From the fields of gold.

One thought on “Fields of Gold

  1. Vibhushan says:

    Your turn will not arrive if time has to stand still, because it cannot. It has to flow, as it has been since time unknown. These WHYs are not going to get answered by reversing or pausing time, neither its about just drifting along. Its about moving on with the current, so that you can focus on the immense beauty that God’s farm has to offer; and you would not even know when that chosen apple came and fell into your lap. Keep up the hope…”Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things… and no good thing ever dies…”

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