My Temptation – IPhone4

When i am already in search of a good phone, Apple iPhone 4 is ready to get launched.  There are several new functions available in 4 that were missing from the previous version. Ofcourse, it will not be deployed so early in India and the iPhone 4 admirers will have to wait for some more time. With 3G and 4G phones available it is difficult to go back to the devices loaded without these capabilities.

Personally, i wanted functions to be able to browse the internet while Pandora is running in the background, now seems to be possible. Apps will be available for making video calls. The most wanted function of all, that  frustrated people in every possible way is the copy and paste option which will be available in the new IOS.

I have tried to run the videos posted by my friends from Facebook while waiting long to see some action, the iphone screen didnt move. Yes, but gave a prompt saying the device doesnt support flash. Didnt know the infamous device is so incompitent that cannot have flash. Further more, you cannot watch a movie on iphone like you do genuinly on the internet. Install Apps, free apps, all kind of apps. Cannot do a video recording with a 3G, you need to wait more and upgrade it to 3GS. With lots of complaints and corrections, the good news is, apple has eradicated all these drawbacks in 4. Isn’t it tempting now?

Hopefully, apple keeps the initial commitments and delivers the expectations. Well, at least i am a true fan, completely head over heals. But the price for which it is available in India is horrendous. I can buy a 17′ inch LED laptop with that price. With various new options available in the market, Omnia is becoming my first choice over all the phones.  Yet, i am so impressed with iPhone and its charisma that i want to buy it.


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