Photography at Work Today

 I was staring at the computer screen, working hard like never before (like most of us do)when my colleague told me about this session. Sounded interesting and i took some time off the work.

She was a german intern who was engrossed in explaining about how to click pictures. She showed various methods, ways of handling camera, its functions and techniques. Started with a point and shoot camera, she focussed much on SLR’s. Heard terms like aspect ratio and focal length after a real long time. It got interesting when she explained the aperture size of the lens and its effect on the picture. How to emphasize one object in the picture and how to capture moving objects. She even recommended walking fast/running in order to keep shutter click faster to capture exact images e.g.  firecrackers, moving cars.  

Didnt click many pictures but surely will be experimenting it during the weekend. First things first, let me include it to my wish list 😉 And don’t spend too much money buying extra lenses unless you are a professional, there is always a Photoshop available.


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