Treat for Fashion Obsessed Women

Like most girls I’m such a huge fan of the series Sex and the City and their first movie! The second sequel starts with the Empire State of Mind and with a very emotional yet beautiful ending with True Colors.  

With all the decency showed by men, me and my girl friends kept talking about Are men like this?  As Carrie said, every girl in New York goes to New York finding 2 L’s and once you have found the first one (Label), the next venture is finding the second(Love). It is all about finding labels and love. If you follow Runway, you will surely end guessing Prada, Gucci and the Chanel. We did not ignore the girl’s any of the outfits!  Indeed a treat for fashion obsessed women.

Carie’s narration while writing to the New york Star is intelligent. She kept using her legendary phrase, “I couldn’t help but wonder…” Samantha depended on vitamin’s and wanted to look 35 at 50. Miranda worried and stuck with a job she didn’t like and Charlotte involved managing her 2 kids. But they stood with each other through beauty, breakups and bankrupcy.

 I feel that every woman whether in New York City or any other part of the world  should have such great friends. I enjoyed few laughs, shed few tears and laughed a little more. Great song and a great ending to a great series.


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