The Pieces dont Fit Anymore

Is the week already over? Last weekend felt like yesterday, but the time flew away fast. Almost over a month here and feels like i was never away.

Too many things on the plate ! Imperishable and unceasing moments. What a quiet, fast, and geeky week. Announcing of apple’s new gadget, kick off of FIFA – Waka Waka promotion and the Fridays Fathers day. Too much travel, rash driving, rains, thoughts, tears, work – no work, anger, friends, rock show and home.

Most promising, i am back and have discontinued and removed thoughts i dont like and dont want anymore. Reminds me the song by James Morrison – The Pieces dont Fit Anymore.

I am going to treat me nice with everything ‘I’ want. There is some struggle and chase included for next few weeks in an effort to bring smiles back. Cannot relay on hope anymore, it never helped. Moreover, made it stagnant and worse. Just relying on the real life, reality and by not being futuristic.


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