Betty Crocker in India

There is nothing that compares the aroma of freshly baked cake out of the oven flowing into the house. I remember my elder sister used to bake cakes for me while I used to wait like a queen to be served. We never stopped using Betty Crocker flavors of lemon, ginger, pineapple and various types of chocolates. No wonder her recipes are so easy. She once owned a business that specialized in teaching kids to cook & bake. I happened to be fortunate enough to get to taste and make few of her varieties.

If you want to taste a Betty Crocker cake, it is available in variety of flavors also in India. All you need is to add few eggs, oil, milk and her legendary flavoured mix. Microwave for exact 4 minutes (to have it moist).The final product should be fluffy and ready to eat. I recently made a super moist cake with German chocolate, topped with frosted dark chocolate chunks. I felt heaven on earth with every bite of it. Happy eating.


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