Losing Values and Humanity

For a mistake committed are there any measures to refine them? What happens when there is no realisation? No feeling of guilt that something is incorrect and needs a proactive action. Where do the moral convictions disappear? Seems humanity is lost somewhere in ages. In believing that opposing and resistance is not healthy, do we just relay on Events.

Like “Everything will be fine Someday“, and “Let Time Decide“. The Ethics are lost and foregone. There is no efficiency and truth left. People have forgotten the real sense of their existence and nobody wants to be efficient, punctual and true. The principles of right and wrong are gone leaving only deception.

The best example is our judicial Law. How blind it can get ? For instance, Jessica Lal case was a 11 year-long battle for justice, Bhopal disaster took almost 2 decades for the conclusion and arresting of the seven former employees of the Union Carbide subsidiary, all Indian nationals and many in their 70s, were convicted of causing death by negligence. What a Shame! The everyday example of traffic police hunting for the rule breakers to get mere 20 and 50 rupees. Is it not our duty to keep all the details like license, PUC up-to-date? General scenarios, at work do we all spend 8 hours dedicatedly without roaming outside or visiting any social networking site? Do we all wait for the traffic signal to turn green?

Why cant a human be morally true, devoted and consistent with a basic human values? Cheatings and  betrayals. Are there no proceedings to such incorrect practices? On the contrary,there are people who care about everything and want things to be proper, perfect and in order. Such people are lagging behind so much so that their voices cannot be heard today. Someone needs to take an initiative, it cannot be our Government of course. My take on this is there should be a surrogate government, may be U.S who needs to take a delegratory action along with our government.

No sooner if this continues this place will be a havoc to live in. Have you broken any rules today? Keep doing the good acts.

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