My Sweet Song – Toby Lightman

P S I Love You


I am totally tired today after a 2 hour-long drive from work. Want to just quote that i heard this song after a quite long time and i am again falling in for the acoustics. This was a soundtrack from one of my favourite book/movie P.S I Love you.   

Thought to share with you all. Check the link to listen the song:  



“My sweet song It’s been a long time What’d you come around here for

Cause that old love is gone   

And I’ve since carried on Thought I was rid of you for sure
My sweet song, you don’t sound so sweet no more   

Please don’t sing to me Cause it hurts me to hear the melody that was Good to me before
My sweet song, you don’t sound so sweet no more  

You said love was forever and you told me love would never
Break my heart, and I believed you as I fail
That’s all over, let it go, You’re just a song I used to know
And your fantasy, it don’t work for me
Go and pick on someone else My sweet song
Guess I’m stuck with you

And someday, I’ll find the love I’m looking forThen my sweet, sweet song won’t sound so
sad no more My sweet, sweet song, I’ll guess I’ll always be yours”


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