Long Lost Acquaintances

Long lost friends. We still want to keep in touch with them. Search online to find your best friend from School a lecturer from college or a colleague at some company. You might bump into friends in market, movie theaters and concerts. Do you care to exchange phone numbers? Professional and Social networking websites are helping us to keep a track of people you may know, trust and keep a contact for any future endeavours.  There are plenty of choices available: Facebook, LinkedIn, Buzz and many more.

Gone are the days when you hear someone complaining ” I have changed my cell number“, ” I am moved to a new location“. irrelevant of a place, everyone is available on any of these networking sites. So when you hear such statements, remember, these are mere excuses. And you are not so important to be remembered.

And what can be the purpose of coming together after so many years. Do we miss them? Do we really want to touch base with the old pals? I have heard, a lot of alumni ceremony’s are conducted for a reunion between friends, employees, teachers and colleagues. However, some are laid back and interested only in peeking and knowing other’s personal life. What are they doing, working and living?

Is it sane to bother the long-lost acquaintances? Old friends? Extended Families?  The involvement and botheration might not get appreciated and responded back. May be no body remembers, cares. Who Knows? At the end, everyone is busy with their own routines and lives. And still, if they have known you, there shouldn’t be any harm in contacting them.

There cannot be a protocol defined and categorised. There is no process or a procedure and not even a warranty period for finding long-lost friends. Like the date is about to get expired and i have to renew my previous colleague ! No, This doesn’t even make any sense, wasting time opening unnecessary contacts.

People are Online, Available, and Everywhere. Not bothered. How far would you go to reach them with your genuine extrovert behaviour. Guess, no one wants to leave and share their comfort zone. No one wants involvement these days.


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