India’s – First Lifestyle Channel

Have you watched No Big Deal, Highway On My Plate or The First Ladies. Switching and flipping through the Television Channel?  If not, you ought to check these shows, the reason being it is India’s first Television Lifestyle channel – NDTV Good Times.  With almost a feel of Discovery Travel and Living, there are few look alike shows like Custom Made For – Vir Sanghavi and 10 things to do before I say Bye.

Recently, I watched an episode where Vir Sanghvi, demanding, custom making and choosing things for himself. What a Treat! But unlike his genuine pattern, he looked stern putting his choices forward. He was in Delhi exploring custom made options. Candles, leather signature bags, shoes and even a custom made perfume. It is intriguing to see places in India still offering best and economic purchases unlike the expensive brands. End of the show, he had every thing customized and specially made for him.

Well, you will definitely not get to see travelers like Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown and Ian Wright. NDTV has given an opportunity to young and vibrant travelers like Kim Jagtiani – 10 Things to Do before You say Bye, Maria Goratti – Do it Sweet and many more. Not mediocre chiefs and travelers.

Chak le India with another newbie – Aditya Bal. He fumbles with the language and runs out of words sometimes. But showcases very rare and innovative methods of cooking. I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes – a show that depicts classic trends, must haves, seasonal trends to keep you in vogue. The First Ladies – is an interview with the wives of successful India men. Identifying a woman behind a successful man.

Saving the best for last. My recommendation, do watch No Big Deal. It is a show that will help you  plan and budget your trip in the most economical way. It is fun to see the show host exploring funny and weird workarounds to cut down on cost. She also speaks about her funny experiences during the journey. Real worth watching.

Unlike Travel and Living, this channel doesn’t have lifestyle reality shows like Perfect Match, Bridezillas, Wife Swap, While you were Out and many more. There is a lot of Food, Travel, Shopping and Trekking happening. It is confined to India. There is a lot of entertainment happening keeping in mind a television channel in India made for Indians but it has a scope of improvement in depicting other cultures as well.

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