Jim Corbett Forest – National Park (India)

Dense trees, Dark forest, Growling animals and Shining deer eyes. Amidst forest, in a fragile hut and no fence. Black and Deep. Voices – chirping, clutter, rustle. Scary and quiet. Such was the  experience when i visited Corbett – National Park.

We were a fun-filled bunch aspired to stay and experience a jungle. Somehow we managed to get a log-house in the middle of the forest. Don’t remember whose idea it was ? With lots of excitement we started our first Jungle safari expecting to see some wild animals and  a Tiger. In the mean time our forest guide had started telling us some forest-made old stories. Incidents about how a tigress  had killed a foreigner and how wild elephants run behind traveler jeeps. We saw some wild boars, deers, elephants, peacocks and a fox. No tiger yet.

The sun had set and we returned to the secured area. This is a track from a shot in ‘Kaal’. Still in trace of a tiger.

Next early morning, we followed and tracked various animal calls and we got to see the wild beast at its best. As if it is a small kitty, my sister got exited and switched jeeps. Wish i had captured her video. Well, it was a very thrilling experience.


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