The Valley Of Temples – Oahu

A place like heaven called Oahu. Turquoise blue and tall mountains. Very cute old age couples, hand in hand, wearing orchid flowers. A place with an exotic nature and water. Floral prints and hats. Polynesian culture and tragic world war II stories. Nuclear attack, sad cemeteries. Graves decorated with exorbitant flowers. Natural waterfalls, refreshing springs, habitat of birds and corals. Roaring hardly-Davidson, convertible cars and bi-cycles. Volcanic crater, ashes and Lava.

A temple, Byodo-In. Spell-bounding valley of temples, magnificent structure, quiet and solemn. A Japanese territory, now American. A river near by has colorful fish. You can find plenty of friendly birds and also feed them, it is considered holy. Get your names engraved in Japanese. A 5 foot high Bell House, closely resembles the bell hanging in an identical Bell House at the Uji Byodo-In, Japan. The original is said to be more than 900 years old and to have come from India. The tone of the bell creates a message of deep calm and peace, cleansing the mind. This place has positivity and spirituality.

Floating Tai-mai’s and Shrimp trucks – blue water garlic shrimp, jasmine rice and a dole pineapple. Come to the coast line in the evening and experience a traditional luau.  Enjoy a pig roast ceremony while cheering with the flame dancers. Stroll on the white sandy beaches or a catamaran. Wait till dark to witness a star light dinner cruise and dancing.

This place is famous for season 1- Lost, Jurassic Park and 50 First Dates. Yes, indeed very beautiful. It is a picture perfect location. It is a paradise on earth.


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