This Fathers Day

Absolutely Nothing – a day full of just doing nothing on his own – This is what may be my Dad is expecting on this Fathers Day. I am worried and unsure about the gift that i am picking for him this year. Well, like all moms and dads say every year, ” Anything will do” or “Nothing Specific”, might i find Anything and Nothing Specific somewhere! And in the morning when i stay cold without any expressions their anxiety increases thinking my daughter doesnt remember the day, doesn’t like me anymore. They are still sweet and innocent. Moreover, caring – care about our everything.

If i give him a iPhone, probably he will end up using it just for making calls and wasting the real features of it. Somehow, i always wanted him to enjoy the Internet and all it has to offer. May be it will just be a guide-book to the internet. Choosing a gift sometimes gets difficult. Well, i am making my special vanilla cake now at least i am starting to make the day look special for him.

I am overwhelmed with all my childhood memories and the time i had spent with my dad. Being the youngest of all, it was easy for me to grab his attention. A daddy’s girl who sometimes takes an advantage of the fact that Pops is going to do anything to make me see happy :-).

 I remember how he used to teach me swimming, cycling and driving. Our trekking in rains, early morning expeditions in forest, parasailing when i was so scared and not ready, burning crackers while holding my hand, busting out the famous dance moves with my friends, picking always a pink dress for my birthdays – realised after years, never knew that he always choose a pink over all the colours while shopping. 

He is the only person who has been for me, is present and available every time for me. In my troubles, joy’s and sorrows. A cuppy cake and tea in the morning, a card – as words express more than anything. Somehow, i have a feeling that it will just be – a big letter this year.

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