A Day with Chicken

Did you ever spend an entire day looking at various forms and sizes of a chicken? I did. Blood tripping on the raw flesh, some still had tiny feathers and some skin. Cleaning, marinating and tendering. I had started smelling like a raw chicken.

Chopping, peeling and shredding. Onion, ginger, garlic – best techniques, how-to suggestions and discussions. Lot of ingredients, some were using everything that is available. People were busy telling and teaching their methods of cooking chicken and I was noting down the good points.Did they forget about the chicken? Might i tell them,it is still someone’s flesh and not a vegetable that can stay unattended, outside the refrigerator for entire afternoon.

Saw some rare and unusual recipes of chicken – with potatoes, pulses and many more. Red, brown, yellow and even green Pahang’s. Soon my nose was traumatized with smells and started looking for a hide out.

While Vir Sanghvi was talking about the migration of chicken on a television channel. He had traced the actual migration of the Indian bird proving that it has migrated from London to India. Too long journey for a poor bird. I thought, Why did it travel so much ? End of the day it is getting cooked here.

An attempt to check who makes a tender yummy juicy chicken and everyone excelled. My personal favourite was cooked with spinach and coconut. It was worth a long wait.

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