Kona and a Coffee Bean – Tea Leaf

It was 4:00 pm and i wanted to write something, i thought about having a coffee.  A coincidence, someone had got a coffee for me, right on my desk. I am certainly not going to discuss its flaws as no matter wat ever is found wrong with a coffee, i am still a trust worthy follower. With a warm refreshing sip i started writing about the most essential beverage in my life. 

I am totally a coffee person. My nervous system is so addicted and can’t begin the work without it. Recently, i had visited a newly opened coffee shop called Aroma and i surrendered to my favourite big old cuppa, which looked little more fancy this time. There were times, when i was in college – me and my friends used to sit at a famous coffee joint during summers completing our journals, drinking cold lattes and mocha. Since it was the only cheap air-conditioned place available. Slowly, it became a trend. Gradually, as i moved to the corporate world, it still followed me and was plenty – readily available. Expensive yet refreshing.

I see coffee evolving into more aromatic and exotic forms today. As a kid, my mom used to boil it with water, no sooner instants were available and now a days – most identifiable fragrances, freshly brewed beans along with mouth-watering syrups. Cold, hot – decaf – Ethiopian, french,american and many more. In-numerous brands and forms of presentation.

The best form of coffee is organic, high-quality, and freshly ground. Coffee that contains antioxidants, come from its first brew which is good for health. I had learnt to brew a coffee by watching an online video. Fortunately, I had all the basic essentials available like filter paper and a coffee maker.

A Kona and Coffee Bean – Tea Leaf are amongst my personal favourites. A lot of  International coffee makers are planning to enter the existing Indian coffee market. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are also brewing their fresh strategies over the much waited entry. Actually, Starbucks is re-applying an entry in India which was rejected way back in 2007. The most dominant brands in India – CCD and Barista, gets a tough competitor. It will be interesting to watch how Starbucks will create a Star like impression in front of CCD’s die-heart and true fan following.


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