Salubrious – Forgetting Fitness

Speaking with a friend, I realised it has been quite a long time that i havent hit the gym. Back then, I remember how important it was for me to maintain a BMI with a proper intake of nutrients, meeting a dietician every month and various methods to increase the muscle mass . The final objective remained consistent – to get a toned body, luminant skin and a complete fitness .  

Years ago I had read a quote from actress Julia Stiles regarding a bikini scene in one of her movies. She admitted to doing about 100 crunches right before she shot the scene so her abs would look good onscreen! Somehow, that quote has stuck with me through the years and popped into my head in appropriate situations, like the wedding that I and my-not-recently-worked-out body will be attending.

I’m wearing an Indian saree, and the weather forecast is heating at its best, so there’s no chance I’ll be hiding in a shawl the whole time. If last-second crunches worked for Julia, then last-minute push-ups should work for me, right? I started with push-ups yesterday morning but didn’t last long, and I’m planning to do something different, probably a little bit of swimming. And right before the wedding, I’m planning on another round of push-ups (probably while in my saree). I’ll probably be a little tired (and sore), but the confidence I’ll have will be worth it!

Fingers crossed this method works. And lesson learned, next time I’m starting this toning yoga – swimming – gymming routine a few weeks before a big event. Do you also care so much about you body and its fitness?


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