Where is Underland?

Fergie once sang in big girls dont cry ” Fairytales don’t always have a happy ending, do they” yet fergie and every other girl wants to have a fairytale life. To be a – Snow-white, Cinderella, Rapunzel and a Little Red Riding Hood. The fairy tales are true not because they tell us that the dragons exist but the fact that the dragons can be beaten.

Indeed, it is so pretty and neat to be a fairy. Divine, weren’t they in  Peter Pan or Narnia – and the best part about all the fairytale is: you get to wear lavishing dresses. Elaborate designs, freels, crinolines and textures. Even when a spell is broken and a frog princess was transformed to a human, her dress looked so elegant. 

Dressing like barbies and faries at the fancy dress, i was never a stereotype. Abash, i used to hide behind dirty robes, artificial hair,and moustaches. I might again be participating in one such fairytale competition where there are role plays on Hulda, The Frog King, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, Hansel and Gretel. Guess, i am still not a fairy, this time – it is a Hulda, a vicious half human and half evil character. I am very excited to see how everyone looks and performs, equally worried about mine.

How far does the imagination run? Did Rapunzel have a daughter. Really, she did?. I think, long ago, the fairy-tale characters must have escaped the fairy tale to live in secret – in our world. But now the fairy tale wants its characters back, and it should start taking people along with it. Place an advertisement somewhere or may be invite us to their land and we can join their world. I hope this can be possible even at a very rare imaginary situation. Like, the song “We pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars”. I could really use a wish right now. 

There is so much benefit living in a fairytale, the wishes are fulfilled, a prince is readily available and the ending is always happy. When in disguise, you get a Genie or a fairy God Mother. In short, there are no challenges and hassles in that world.

May be i should start my search with Alice’s Underland.


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