Hoping for Beautiful Everything

A sympathy – I felt as i was listening to the words patiently. A pity – understanding, believing and comparing the misfortunes. There are people on a survival mode, unsure and continue to live through hardships. Old mythology says that greek Gods were scared of pity and converted it to a tree in order to escape it.  I think no one can escape and has a control over it. 

A man, sufficient enough, takes care of the family but won’t be able to continue if today the job is lost. A person ready to struggle and work hard, in order to retain the current situation, desires for more. Strives everyday, scared of power and every powerful person. A person still scared of people, hides and believes intuitively of losing everything good. May be this person doesn’t have a courage but has a big loving heart. 

A girl, not attractive but has several astonishing qualities that can outwit an ordinary person. Who has a good heart and wants good for everyone. Who has few extra kilos and pounds of happy help available . Who is a genuinely good person. Still, alone like a lonely planet lost in a solar system.

It is not a sin to have not-so-best looks or not-so-good morale.  “And really, is it people’s business to identify such qualities? And what earthly good do they do by attacking, categorizing the unnecessary drawbacks? Why can’t highlight good and forget the deficiencies?

I met my grocery delivery boy in the lift the other day. He was happy to see me after many days. Amused, he started constructing sentences in english, generally he doesn’t. He fumbled and said, ” I want to study and go to work also”. He was barefoot and drenched in rain. A 2 minute talk brought me back to earth.

An old lady working at the Mall, helping a giggling group of girls in their expedition to find a particular dress. Arranging and folding heap of clothes. She looked quiet with her gray hair.It was already 9 past and she was still available. Dont know how she managed to go home.

Have you ever appreciated someone about anything? How beautiful the dress looks against your brown hair. Or the color of your shirt looks just perfect for the summer.  I am amazed how efficient and honest you are at work. Or take this pair of shoe, it doesn’t fit anymore, may be will work for you – How difficult, really, is it to walk up to someone and say pleasing words. So simple – look in the eye every morning and wink a Hi or Good Morning.

Simple humble short words filled with feelings.

The old Mall lady or a chirpy grocery boy don’t get to hear oftenly” How nice of you“, “Great work Dear” expressions which certainly create a long-lasting and an encouraging impact. That should be sufficient for at least next 4 hours of their hectic work.

Is it so difficult to send a short mail, a text to check back? Motivate someone with happy words. Small talks. Drop-by to see how are they doing? Call unconditionally. Appreciate small daily details.

Have you made things simpler for someone today?



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