Upscale Westin Wonders

Staying in pune for over 10 years now, still I havent visited most of the places. Besides, a lot of things were changed and constructed new, while I was not here. There are infinite food-joints and restaurants available, especially near the place  I work and I am completely unaware of most of these places. Finally, we decided to visit a newly opened 7 star in the city. Though, I wasnt dressed for the place but it really didn’t matter much. With a touch-up-gloss, we had made our choice.

An architectural extravaganza, as you enter, the ambience is grand with creatively decorated corners – metallic pieces, human abstracts on masonite, unusual chandeliers. Various sections for dining and dancing. All the access areas flaunt a decor that is sophisticated, plush and beautiful. There is a decent lounge and a very detailed buffet area, generally you don’t get to see such artistic culinary and variety. It had a lovely candy decoration near the desert area, roasted turkey, artichoke and lots more. A wine section with lovely checkered dinning table. We choose an italian section called Prego and placed the orders. We were just like Queens having peasant-like time, getting treated with at most courtesy.

Looked inspired from Olive garden, they offered bread sticks with sun-dried tomato sauce.The butler got a fish swimming in balsamic sauce, floating in hurdles of lettuce. It had no taste and too many tiny skeletons and scales. We gave up the fish. Poor fish, why did i want to eat it ! Generally, i preach and practice good behaviors but I wanted to enjoy good ambience with food and the chef had already spoiled my intensions. The bartender was concerned enough to know if we had liked it and got it exchanged to the conventional crispy calamari that skipped our first thought. The chef was humble enough knowing that there are chances of chaos, listened to our suggestions. May be we looked invincible.

There is a nice open air seat-out. Ideal for special occasions. I insist if there are any plans, please take her’s and him’s here, as you will certainly be not paying attention towards food or ambience, i bet. Every section has a specific color and decorative pieces according to the styles. The esthetics were amazing but it can be better as compared to the rating. The prices are little more exorbitant. The hotel lies on the banks of river mula-muta and gives an added advantage of a river side glory. Personally, it didn’t impress me enough and i still prefer Le Meridian or The Seasons over any other upscale place in pune. I always keep best for the last, westin has a 24/7 coffee shop. 

I wanted  to check the lounge but being a weekday it was empty without a music. Also, we were not dressed to impress. Leaving all the musical aspirations behind, we left.






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