A Mad House

Yesterday was bad, I couldn’t maintain a consistent momentum. A very weak day. I prefer not to speak about my experiences. Those are only filled with moment of weaknesses that should not be shared.

Somehow the traffic that I used to talk so much about doesn’t bother much. I am not worried when people overtake me from left and right, I just wonder shall I keep left or right. I only think I must give them space to go ahead, I can wait and go slow. See, this is complete positive approach. Also, there is a Mad House, i visit everyday and it keeps me occupied. To much to an extent, a totalitarian place and people, bound by their own idiosyncrasies. Follow methods and process defined by them – when and where ever they want. The protocols change everyday and the fun part is there are controversies. I couldnt help but just laugh…

I stopped listening to my beloved country songs and switched to a new genre called trance yesterday. It didn’t last long, the lyrics were far more depressing and I altered back to the happy country songs saying “Picture perfect memories scattered all around me now”. Isn’t country so lively, homely, full of warmth.  I wonder, how can one enjoy only music and rhythm without any words. Words are so important. Rather without words nothing can be expressed. Guess, trance neutralises everything and doesn’t put you forcibly somewhere, into the mood of the song –  a runaway genre.

I am adapting to a fact that made me focus completely and divert the attention to something I like. I figured out it was music. Believing the statement someone once said, “Music is my Life and My life is beautiful” What a coincidence, i am following a triology now. If anyone understood my hilarious comment, i bet they are lucky. I again attempted a trance – a techno this time and it absolutely had no words called “Lost for Words”. It was enjoyable atleast kept my focus intact at work.

That reminds me, Glee started last weekend. Those who didn’t catch it, is a musical show that is telecasted every fri-sat on Star world. The musicals are so good that you will fall in love with even Amy Winehouse’s Rehab. Singing ” They try to put me in a rehab, I said no-no” and many funny, weird ones. It is just similar to high school musicals. So popular these days that iTunes current chart busters have Glee and its musicals popping up. 

Coming back to the mad house, i must say it is commendable to have no principles and rules. It must be so good to do things with self admired ways. Do anything and no one knows about it, if atleast someone knew the truth – you start a blame game. And the viscious circle continues to grow. At the end no one knows – it was your fault.


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