Forgetting Business Etiquettes’

Wearing smart casuals do not make anyone a corporate or a businessman –  even school kids wear them. It takes something special to be declared as a thorough professional. Several qualities, behaviours, a common sense and moreover, a sense of ownership and responsibility.

I am sure everyone uses social networking sites religiously at work, even when it is prohibited as per the company laws. Followed by using a company phone for making personal phone calls.  Do you IM or Email the colleagues with responses like OK and K, showcasing that you might be in the middle of something important. The latest corporate survey indicates, this is a general trend found amongst people who showcase a self proclaimed attention. Sad but true, this behaviours is completely unprofessional. Would you send such responses to your immediate manager’s?

Somehow, communication seems to be the most crucial part of any business. One cannot sit holding hands together, thinking i have done my part. There are types of species available  – some are efficient, some dont bother and some pretend to be busy. You end up banging your head against a wall but do not get a reply till the end.

Coming back to the verbal behaviours at work, how do you handle escalations? I have been asked this question many times lately. My answer is mostly efficient (atleast i think), i use the escalation matrix. So why do you see people yelling people almost like Cheer leaders fighting over who has best pom poms.

There are certain etiquette rules one must follow when working in an office environment.  For instance, when you belch you should really say, “Excuse me.”  Asking someone how they’re doing is a standard act for anyone who is a part of a working community.  The easy part is replying with a simple one-worded sentence which usually sums up the description of your mood – Fine.

 Have you ever asked yourself why you should care about the stories that boring elf is telling you while having lunch or coffee?  They don’t want to hear the lame jokes that are guaranteed not to make you laugh.  What they do want is to be left the hell alone!  They want to be at peace with their coffee and their personal emails.  They want to avoid the phony relationships, the hierarchy of supervisors and the constant telephone calls that never end. 

Do you really think such a chaos is mandatory to keep the momentum going on – a fire fighting and breach the business etiquette’s?


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