The Back UP Plan

The subways have toddlers trains, taxis are toy ducks, traffic signal flips between ‘Crawl’ and ‘Dont Crawl’, magazines are GaGa-Mama-BooBoo, restaurants are ‘A’ for Apple and  ‘M’ for marshmallows. 

A Plan to skip most important 2 levels of life. This is a story of a girl wanting to become a mother – skipping love and marriage. Amidst she finds a perfect stranger, she thought would never happen to her. A movie called Back Up Plan, shows beautifully a situational ease with which she handles her life . This is a perfect movie for a to be Moms and Dads.

The movie was aimed at women – A single mother. While JLO struggles handling twin babies with and without the support from her Mr.Perfect, today, there are single ladies adopting and taking a good care of the babies. Responsibilities can make you more confident, meticulous, independent, self-satisfied and happy in your life – may be better refered as parenting.

There was an article in today’s Pune Times of India, Jennifer Hudson had lost her nephew, sister and mother in an accident and was suffering from a complete isolation. To get rid of her  grievances she adopted a baby son. There are few more instances that I am aware of are happy with an adopted child. The question arises when the kid is adopted by a single parent. With some discussion it seems, the intentions are of giving a good life to an orphan. However, in most of the scenarios the kid is deprived with a single parent love.

What would you do? Give a new life with little less love & single parenting or no love with a deprivation of parents. A home or an orphanage?


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