The city looked flooded from the 9th floor. While i was checking the traffic outside the glass window, my phone beeped. A reminiscence of old activities as i answer the phone. After having a short talk, i wanted to take some time off to admire the view across the window along with some dearer songs. Wished the old database of songs was still available.The horrorendous memories of getting the studio dell crushed are still densely available. The treasures, writeups, songs, pictures – memories were unavailable.

While it is still raining, i am gathering my coffee mug to fetch some warm cup of coffee.  I would want to recommend them to keep some bournvita. A best way to make a cafe mocha is mixing coffee+bournvita with milk – learnt it few years ago. After a quite long admiration of the city, i am having a realisation about the course material i must be studying. The shared network infrastructure, socks services and many more. I have started to believe that all my time is equivalent to work. Well, we have always heard – time is money. Somehow, i feel time is just work – and i have plenty to keep me Get Busy.

So far, everything seems to be on the track. I have got my song of the day – Kelly Clarksons ‘Anytime’, the coffee is almost getting over with the study material and the rain doesn’t seem to stop. The phone beeped again. Dont know why every time the phone beeps it scares me. The roads seem to have been blocked, no further news on that. Now i am very hungry and thirsty sorts.

On my way back,  saw some blushing roses, extreme traffic, beautiful greens and caring thoughts. It is quite a late return today but doesn’t really matter after having a good day.  Anyways, I was quite surprised to see the sudden fall in my blog views today, the word press dashboard is decaying exponentially. Seriously, according to my statistics, today is my laziest day. I wonder why. Might i am out of thoughts suddenly and cannot write the true things i want to blog about.


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