Money over Work

Ask any career coach, interviewer, friend, or even stylist, and she’ll tell you confidence is the number one thing that will give you an edge and make you stand out. Traditionally, confidence before an interview comes from thorough preparation, conviction that you have what it takes, and an outfit that makes you look the part, but a recent study suggests you might want to add a step to your pre-interview checklist.

Emerging from the recession, it’s clear that most of us have learned a valuable lesson. I had spent few last months managing an account with which was exceptionally great. It’s easier than it used to be to save and manage our money, watching our paychecks grow into savings and somehow it started giving me some confidence until i got to know about the unending debt.

According to a study, counting cash – can reduce emotional and physical pain as well as increase feelings of internal strength, fearlessness and confidence. On a news channel a New york Professor concluded, conclusions to a real-life application and said, “It might be handy to sit down and count a stack of money before going out to the job interview, exam or even a dentist session.”

I know the feeling of holding a bunch of cash (even if I know I am about to part with it) gives me a little boost of power. Have you ever felt a surge of confidence holding a stack of money? Would it be the work satisfaction giving a confidence. I wonder..lately I am putting a lot of thought deciding what is important – Money over work. But soon i realised when it was clarified and sounded realistic that one can never fake Money.




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