Ignorance is Bliss

The world is so small and that people could bump into you anywhere. What bothers me is annoyance. Unnecessary involvement of few people when i don’t have to know about their thoughts and opinions. After, yesterdays family dinner I struggled hard today to forget what i was trying to forget. Heard over and over again that how hard it must have been! Somehow, i was brought back to reality.

To get rid of everything it is best sometimes to look out for hideouts. I prefer taking long and extra long sleeps. Yet, i know that i am not investing time in a right way. But i cant help. I wonder about the ignorance and approach one can show towards anyone. It bothers a lot when some thing is not right – the way it happens conventionally. But no one cares to rectify it. 

Today, was a long day like every single day. Moreover, it encouraged me to reconsider everything – start, stop, pause and move on. I took a paper and wrote everything down, my wish list, do’s & dont’s. Somehow, i scratched everything and ended up with nothing. I even eradicated names from my list, i would never ever had.

I am realising the art of ignorance, may I free people to choose and make their decisions rather than imposing my opinions.  I allow myself and those around me the freedom to be themselves, without forcing rigid ideas of right and wrong. It is very easy to write about such ideologies but very difficult to implement. I have seen people doing it with ease, guess i will take years to master this act.

Now that is it dizzy here, i had thought the next few days will be gleeful but not anymore. Guess, i am only counting days till the numbers last long. I have obtained plenty of hints and i shall start working towards it. If it is not going to be here i must not waste my time. Anyways, one should not care as some said, Ignorance is bliss. I am concluding with a song by Duffy “I m scared”.




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