Popsicles at a Rescue

It was a treat to see my nephew dance and play today. He was wearing a checkered blue shorts with a scooby-doo jersey. Showed him various fishes in my fish tank and after a long session of “See Fishhh..so cute. See that fish..so big.” I though he was bored and needed something outdoor.

Took him to a nearby playground and he didn’t let me sit at all. Holding my finger and dragging me round and round, while i started to wonder – a little baby with so much energy. We started with swings and i was scared with the thought if he falls off. Gosh ! he was enjoying so innocently asking for a faster speed. All of a sudden he wanted to play everything in the playground at the same time. I explained him that he is small and should not be doing multiple activities. Arrghh! I am so bad at this, i guess. I don’t know if it does make any sense explaining to kids, 3-year-old babies – would they understand? Well, I must not have had when I was at that age.

I met my old friend at the park with two beautiful kids. While we were relaxing and catching-over, the kids were left unattended. Saw them getting dirty – playing in the puddle, eating sand, struggling with the structures and the swings. I wanted him to climb and slide to his heart’s content.

Somehow, after a lot of playing and getting messy, it was time to remember & go to mommy and daddy. There where sudden tears against his golden brown hair that melted my heart. Eventually, the crys and shouts didn’t happen as he saw few eating popsicle’s and we always want what other kid have. With that thought I fetched a yellow and a red popsicle. It was fun sitting quiet in the park while he was engrossed handling both at a time.


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