A Road-Trip to Datacenter

Seriously. Early it was, at 7:00 am, I was wearing Luscious Pink – a fragrance by Maria Carey. Finally, I had got a hair cut done and I attempted the method my hair stylist had taught me to keep it curly. All in vain I didn’t invest more time styling them. I took a glimpse of a newspaper – saw Espanol holding the golden football and thought the octopus should stay safe. No sooner, if found alone unattended, people will stir fry it in a crisp octopus calamari. I sipped tea quickly and got lost somewhere for a while. I came back to the senses when my phone beeped and I knew I had to rush.

Nobody had arrived and I wanted to indulge myself in some healthy breakfast. It was cloudy cold morning and perfect for an early breakfast. A cheese omelet, freshly brewed coffee and lavishly buttered toast. Yums, I ate all. Wished, I could eat such breakfast every single morning. I was glad. Smiles. Just then i thought about picking my song for the day “Baby” by Justin Biber.

While there were intelligent talks, debates and some arguments – I was noticing the overcast, clouds in the sky, birds loitering and a cold breeze. Heard someone say MBA and I was teleported back to earth. So, I preferred maintaining a never lose focus & started off with a project execution, monitoring and controlling plans.  I started reading pmbok : Plan your work for today, every day, and then work your plan.

After some time, my desk phone beeped. It was front desk and the shuttle had arrived. We were going to visit a data center nearby. It was almost like a road trip to some science exhibition. Gleeful crowding in & catching window seats, some had started dozing, some were chatting and I was engrossed watching the Greens. I looked at the roads, tall buildings, big trees and the speeding vehicles – I was feeling good. While the bus was moving ahead, I was able to connect back to all the memories and pit stops I had visited, especially here, in the city.  Just the way Rashmi Bansal describes in Connect the Dots – when we look back at our lives we should be able to stand there and connect all the dots, so that it makes sense to us if not to the world.

Drizzling cold rains, clean roads, beautiful flowers.  I wished I was carrying a camera. Soon we had reached and the knowledge tour had started. It was a good-to-know session but not that essential. Personally, I don’t think PM’s should get into an intense technical detailing, there are engineers engaged to fulfill these needs.  The advantage – I had got a chance to visit a data center and saw demarcation levels. Network topologies – i had studied while engineering and didn’t ever refer back, realized it is time i must re-open those books lying underneath the dusty piles. The best part, I saw real-time protocols communicating and transmitting – I felt lucky as i got to learn something new today.




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