Words for you; Truths for me

Took me approximately 10 mins to reach home 🙂 and after wrapping all the pending work I can blog enormously. Smiles. 1:44am and I just made a super hot Maggie, Yums. Something so special about James Morrison’s voice, I have repeat turned ON for If You Don’t Wanna Love Me. Truly, impeccable album – Words for you; Truths for me. Here are few lines: 

When there’s no, no storm, then how can I feel the calm

Anyway, I woke up again late today, had a little breakfast (some cereal) went online for a while, made few long calls and decided to go back to sleep. Set my alarm clock for 2:30pm. However, at 4:00pm, I was still hitting my snooze button until it was around 4:15pm. Seriously, I had a very tough time trying to keep my eyes open, I really have no idea why? I have also stopped taking the sleeping pills, wonder what is keeping me at peace these days..

I finished  watching season 3 of Gossip Girls,  Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf with their overrated upper-east lifestyles, moreover i was engrossed watching their makeup, accessories and the labels. To my delight the season 4 is scheduled in sept 2010.

Took a refreshing shower, got ready, made sure my hand sanitizer and camera, purse, gloss and phone were all in my bag.

I went to Costa Coffee today and had a Hot Chocolate again. Missed my friend so much, she had got me into drinking hot chocolates. Something was there in today – i was getting On & OFF glimpses of old frames. Like a road, a white tree, the corridor, the shops even the sky. I thought, it didn’t matter anymore but like i mentioned millions of times in my blog, it does matter but only in weak moments – nothing more than that. Guess, today for a while, i couldn’t control my emotional breakdown. But it didn’t last long. Soon, i was occupied doing a parametric analysis for time management and got me into a discussion that turned into an argument of having a 3-point estimation over bottom-up estimation.

I must sign like Blackeyed Peas – I gotta feeling when i wish to write about time – but Yes, the time’s not being that cruel on me tonight because I was being happy, texting, eating and being online and then suddenly, it was already 3:00 am. Which is good.  Because it means that the day can’t get better than this. If I am bored, it’s okay because I will be going to sleep soon and I don’t have to worry about being bored anymore. Well, at least for a few hours before a brand new day. 


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