Just Got More Sweeter

After one day of taking a break, I have decided to get back to blogging. Because haven’t you heard? I’m a Superwoman. 🙂 I have just revealed my biggest secret ever. I mean, COME ON. A tiny little bug won’t ever cause any damage to a superwoman like me. I can  fly, heh-lo? And I have superpowers like super-strength and the ability to destroy tiny little bugs. Wowie. 

Anyway, out of a shere sudden cravings to bake something, i started searching the ingredients in the kitchen – eggs, milk, all-purpose flour. I made an ultra moist chocolate Cake today. Recipe from Betty Kroker, of course. Even though I changed the recipe by adding some extra cocoa powder & added some extra portion of milk to make it moist. The final texture was warm & spongy. 

I wasn’t really in the mood to eat a cake but I was in the mood to bake and that was quite easy to make, so, there you go! I ate only 2 little squares of those. It was again too little too sweet and I just have no idea on how much I have to reduce the sugar anymore! Here are pictures of the Cake-Bake. Indeed very chocolatey. 

Sorry but i have to beat you !


You are going into the oven soon

You are going into the oven soon


There it goes in

There it goes in


It's ready !!


Well, despite of already having 2 of the pieces, the sweet tooth still craved for more. I wondered and realised i was wanting to eat walnut brownies. So, i thought, “Might i drag everyone to come out of the house and eat brownies with me”. Yums, and then went to a newly opened eatery few blocks from my house. It was fun walking along the fresh green trees on a clean wet road. No traffic, bad sun and absolute perfect monsoon. 

I was singing a song by Natasha Bedingfield ‘Happy‘. 

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy

The weird thing was, I didn’t want a regular chocolate fantasy or apple pie. I wanted the classic bakery-style walnut brownie…I just wanted my brownie 😦 Before, i start the re-requests & continuous checks over the counter, into their kitchen – i could smell  the typical burnt chocolate aroma. My brownie had arrived. Yums ! I was having a difficult time trying to shove everything down my throat – not that i wanted to share it and thought possibly eat it all by myself. And too  much of sweet is absolutely good for me. Guess, i am drawing a conclusion, so for all those ears – this is just a probable reason why everyone finds me so sweet. 

So, Eat and Sleep Sweet. 

Sizzling Brownie

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