Dementors Kiss

Felt like being hit by a Dementor. Every good feeling, happy memory seemed sucked out. Genuinely, it wasn’t a blissful occasion that one will wish and I knew that there will be plenty more, this is just a beginning. A night before, it didn’t put me through any emotion. Somehow, the feelings were suttle, the mind knew not to accept a Null Value = {Sad};

I knew I had no choice when staying strong was the only option left.

The count increased yesterday when again someone asked me to go into a forgiveness mode. 

                                                             Void…. ♣♥♦ψ

Guess, I don’t understand, “Forgiving heals us personally. To tolerate everything only hurts us all in the long run.” I must be God to understand these lines, I am mere a human yet.

It’s impossible to be upset about just one thing – If it is to be upset, then it is about all, big and small things. I am contradicting the statements staying suttle but in a way it is Stress affecting me. It becomes difficult when I know something is bothering me and I don’t understand what it is. Uneasiness, may be this feels just like being soulless with a Dementors kiss.

If you do not consciously think about how you deal with stress, the chances are good that it will be dealt in an unhealthy way. Not that i want to make a conscious effort towards minimizing its impact on me. Just trying to make sure i am aware and ready to acknowledge that I have stress and Yes, it is something we all have. 

The next morning, I was ready in my best attire. Felt like crying my heart out but believed that there are some additional extra occasions specially meant for me to experience. Though at times, crying removes the unwanted uneasiness. Kept seeing tense, sad, cranky people come and go and finally, after almost spending over 6 hours in a place like Azkaban, saw some progress . Nonetheless, without putting another thought the final proceedings were undertaken.

The medical practitioner once said, “One should never stop tears, let if flow. If the mind is wounded, releasing tears is a healing process that removes all the dirt.” Likewise, there are numerous healing ways. I practice writing, releasing my emotions. And so far it has helped me a lot.  Guess, i got a Patronus.                                                         


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