Close Eyes – SEE & Close Heart – FEEL

Someone once told me that an apology doesn’t mean anything if the mistake is repeated for several times. Even though I, sometimes, make the same mistake over and over again, I try hard not to. Most of the time, I don’t do the mistakes intentionally. Maybe, I just forget & ignore.  But never, intentionally.

When you know something will hurt someone who is close to you, you don’t do it. No excuses. You just don’t do it. If you choose to keep your “mistake” in the dark because you “do not want to hurt” that person, then that’s just insane. Because the real thing, the truth will just find a way to go out sooner or later.

I remember having someone put me in the dark. After about 1-2 months, I found out the truth and it was hard. It was just hard. I couldn’t help but to feel stabbed, tricked, fooled. I think, I haven’t gotten over that until today. It still manages to send me into tears. It just plain hurt.

What’s the point of accepting an apology if it has gone through the same mistake for years? What’s the point of accepting it if the same mistake is going to be repeated? An apology will lose it’s meaning that way.

It’s a mistake that CAN be avoided. A mistake that SHOULD be avoided because you know that even with the word “sorry”, it won’t heal the hurt, it won’t soothe the anger of the person. “Sorry”, doesn’t make a dead man ALIVE.

Call me a drama queen, I don’t care, it’s common sense actually, what I have just written. Pure common sense and nothing else. So, unless you want to stop hurting whoever it is you’re hurting, don’t apologize.

Your apology would almost just mean nothing.


One thought on “Close Eyes – SEE & Close Heart – FEEL

  1. Kapil says:

    Are u still having jet lag… It’s so lateeeee… Go to sleep.
    Btw easiest way of livin life is low expectation high ambition .. After tat none of this bs matters 🙂 .

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