Suprises Are Better Than Expectations

Apparently, there are a lot of deceitful friends – Expectations. It’s human nature to expect some things. Its loyal-mutual friends  are none other than Sorrow, Disappointment and Depression. Wise say it’s better off to leave without it.

Thats My Name by Akcent, is on a repeat-on for today, all House music on the roll.

Behave  yourself  lee, you are having an Expectation.. “, were the most annoying words that I heard today. Felt like, I was approaching towards a dangerous territory and a concerned voice invaded. Still, as far as I know, reality sometimes deteriorates the expectations.

I overheard someone saying, ” Surprises are better than Expectations“. Often they are quite appropriate. Sometimes though exaggerated but achievable. What happens if they are Unattainable, High and Beyond our reach ? 

  1. Fail,
  2. Try Again,
  3. Give up.

Eventually, it doesn’t give success. So don’t run behind success or don’t even have expectations ..not even think about it.  

I believe, expectation does nothing for anybody. If something is Good, it is going to be Good – regardless. However, if something is Average that you expect to be Good, then you have got disappointment in your hands. Well, most of the times Good cultivates Average and still you are left with disappointment. So, like 3 Wise men said, do not endorse expectations – of any form &  kind.

Better don’t love it and leave it.


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