Queen Lee

Guess what I had for dinner?

Chicken Hot Wings & Salsa sauce, Yum Yum.

I was just in the mood to have a proper heavy meal, I ate all. Besides, it has been a long time, i have visited KFC. Guess, first time after i came back to India.

Today was one of the busiest day of the week. I managed to wake up early and visit the main office. Had very productive sessions on preparing contingency and mitigation plans. The best part, my dad dropped me to work today – looks like everyone is treating me like a Queen Lee 🙂 The fabulous part, my day progressed beautifully. Morale of the story – “Daddy Daddy, Please drop me to work everyday. Guess, you are my lucky charm”.

Well, I am very attentive today though I have  just slept for 4 hours, I can stay up till dawn. I have finished watching Inception. And I wish to do a critic work writing a full-size blog about its disappointing end. Why did the top didn’t topple ! What was a harm in that – Moreover, I would have slept peacefully thinking, Mr.Cobb finally had a REAL life. Gosh ! I really wished. Assuming there is a sequel, I keep the hopes high.

Also, I managed to visit a library and pick couple of books and DVD’s. I am currently reading, Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong. So far, its good. Also, I visited Crosswords and saw some new good books. I am planning to get 2 more books: 1. Connect the Dots & 2. The Secret.

Its 4:33 am and my back is still hurting. Not sure whats wrong from past 2 weeks. I have to get up early tomorrow –  I am visiting the greens. 🙂 There is so much I want to do during this weekend, starting with cake baking, fritta making, visiting a temple, meeting an orthopedic for my poor back, reading the new book, family dinner, guest dinner and lots more. Gosh ! I have to watch Eclipse also. I think I’m ending this post here. Definitely going to sleep now. Sigh.. I just don’t feel like getting away from internet…Double sigh…


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