Rains and Greens

After yesterday’s unending eating sessions, REALLY wanted to go on a detox this weekend. But couldn’t resist Mommy-Made food. Cooked elaborate meals, helped Mommy prepare my special Corn Curry, Eggplants, Dal Fry. I kept eating through-out the day today. Gosh, I was so tired and lazy this weekend but I equally did many activities. I am still feeling cold after getting drenched in continuous playing in Rains.   

But I just can’t get enough of Greens. 😦  Currently playing, “Getti’n Over You” by David Guetta ft. Chris Willis, Fergie & LMFAO. 

After heavy lunch made Maggie and everyone loved it. Here is my Maggie version:    

  1. Heat 1 spoon oil & add cumin seeds.
  2.  Add a tea-spoon – turmeric, chilly, garam masala, onion-garlic powder.
  3.  Add 1 chopped onion, potato, tomato. Few green peas.
  4. Add 2 glass of water, Maggie+masala and salt to taste. 

In a full mood to do some pampering, went to the saloon today with Mommy. She straightened her hair and I, as usual, did trim my hair. Which is good, I must reduce its length about by 2 inches but I don’t want to. So later Mommy made a beautiful french braid of my hair. I love my hair.. no matter if they look under-nourished, soon will be as refreshing as the greens. I am just not in the mood to talk about my hair. 

Some extra facts about me: that makes me Queen Lee

  1. I love extra spicy food – raw chillies? Bring them on.
  2. I much prefer non-healthy KFC any hour of a day.
  3. I ♥  ♥  ♥ sushi.
  4. I melt easily with sweet words.
  5. I have all songs from current iTunes list. Current favourite genre – House, Country

I Always Look Wowie

I had to go out after guest lunch, ready with the camera of course – the greens were very refreshing. Got drenched again, while getting the vada pavs & hot kanda bhajis – got my finger cut and bleed while struggling to open the umbrella.. 😦 got drenched again as I was pushed forcibly in the mini waterfall..Grrr… amongst all, it is so much fun eating hot bhajis and tea in rains…Yums! Me a Queen Lee indeed had a blast of time. Wish the rains continue for 12 months a year.  

Soon, I was exhausted with cold rains & needed my hot cup of coffee. Remembered my Sis.. Sob Sob.. we still fight a lot, i ordered hot mocha the way she likes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Yums. After that, we went home. We were all going for a dinner and i had to get ready, get dried up. Somehow, i am eating a lot these days. I eat above my normal diet and still i want more. Stuffed myself with a 3 course of Chicken biryani, Chicken Spinach. “Mommy, please pass me some Maaki ki Roti & Sarson ka Saag”, i ate more.   


Well, I am already getting monday blues, scarry goosebumps thinking about work. Trying to be a superwoman I have taken an ownership of two huge new projects. Guess, the thought is giving me butterflies. I think, now I am going to shove down some chocolate down my throat to make me feel happy.  

Because you seem to fail in doing that (talking to myself) 😉   


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