Poll: Live with/without Internet?

Currently listening to ‘Jar Of Hearts’ by Christina Perri.

Thinking…I am one of those people who often have 10 or more tabs open on the computer – Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, iTunes Charts, Billboard Top 100, Popsugar, LinkedIn, Blogspot, Flicker and many more. If I get a GPRS activated phone, I am sure the number of tabs would reduce with a poor CPU utilization. 

Websense..Arrgh! 😦 The new theme Bueno has re-sized fonts from all my previous posts, can’t re-edit from here.  I am using a  60 minute websense quota till then.  

Aggravating to the Core!  

Wishing….Can I take a short break? Away from everything – along with just pile of books, magazines, photos and my posts. Write a lot. Just plain writing. Not praying a lot at the moment because I know me & I only wish for a leave but do not take it. Until the leave accumulates till the year-end and gets elapsed without any encashment.  

So for the first week of October, I’m planning to take a break. I won’t be working, so won’t have to worry about the kickoffs, turnovers. Not even bother about transitioning or procurement. I’m planning to put up a vacation message on my e-mail, leave a call-me-if-you-need-me post on Facebook, and turn off my Zyxel. Hypothetical, isn’t this? 

That's You

In return, I’m hoping for quality writing time, catch up with the old & new books. Re-read, get inspired with the ones I like. Be relieved that I’m not juggling with 14 tasks and 18 thoughts in my mind, every minute & at any moment. We’ll see if I can do it.   

God knows how much I love internet and can’t imagine to live without it. So addicted. And, hence there will be a lot of problems without my best friend.  

What if someone really, really, really misses me, sends an e-mail about something awesome and important? What if I need to Google Map some place I want to go to? What if I am reading a book and it starts talking about someone or something that I just have to know more about and want to Google image search it? Or buy movie tickets online?.  

Not to attempt,  “A 2 minutes slip-checks with GPRS”, or “You use my id/pass, I will Peekaboo” – this everything is going to be indeed difficult. After putting lot of thought, I have lost interest in giving up on internet for even a single day as I know it seems impossible. Its 3:51 am and I want to sleep. Yawns. Without even putting another thought against/for it – I have more than 2 months for my daily internet dosage before taking a plunge. Till then, I’m trying to consume as much internet as i can. 

Can you spend a week without Internet? Cast your vote. 🙂 





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