Everybody’s Fine

My Mom called me at about 4:45 pm while I was at work. She sounded tense as I heard her voice. A building near-by had caught fire, like a real FIRE. And the local TV channels were pouring the news. I went to the balcony and could easily see smoke and flames. Goodness Gracious !! I could see fire engines and effortful extinguishers. Never imagined such break down. It was actually a fire clad floor of some IT company, crowded and blazed. It took over 2 hours to normalize the chaos. The reason of fire break down was unknown. I kept checking ON-OFF through the window to see some post action. Saw some police and news reporters, nothing much.

I didn’t feel like working today, felt disturbed – not because of the fire break down. With a simple feeling of Can-Do-Work-Nomore, I had left for the day.

Ofcourse, how could I miss the special premiere of Eclipse? Remember its 30th July.

WAIT, Did I tell you? How did I forget? 🙂

Sometime, earlier today, I was appointed for writing articles for my company. Smiles. I was going to be an Official Reporter. More Smiles. Which means more writing and visiting events. So starting next week, I have a Lunch scheduled with the Director. Isn’t that super cool 🙂 Still Smiling.

Alright, getting back to eclipse, the show was house-full & there wasnt any good movie available besides Salt that I didn’t want to watch. 😦 By this time, I had started stuffing myself with chicken hot wings – attempting to make me feel good again. I ate plenty, almost about 7 and another round of 7 pieces. Do not be wondered as I am trying to put on weight. I am so full right now could hardly look at food anymore. Anyway, I have been weighing myself for a few days and it’s official! I Have Put ON Weight, almost 2 Kg.

I can’t help but to feel extra good and happy tonight. Listening to ‘Lovers Cry’ by Akcent currently. It’s not my fault that one voice, phone call, a few words, several text messages can really boost my ‘Feel Good Level’.

I ate again, chocolate pastry, while watching Everybody’s Fine.

Everybody's Fine

It was a very touching movie. I was in tears at some parts. Plus, it was about family. And looking at my family now, well, I don’t know. I just hope things will be fine. I just hope, everybody is or will be fine. That’s all. It was not an awesome movie or whatever but it was worth watching. It has a sad story to it but it makes you feel grateful for the family you do have. I mean, it makes you feel like you HAVE to appreciate your family and accept them for who they are. Something like that. It’s nice.

Anyway, I am tired. And I’m sleepy. Super sleepy. Sort of. Not really. I don’t know but I am sleepy hollow. Feels like a zombie & off i go now.


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