Eclipsed By The Moon

As I going back home today, I took the time to really observe the cars around me. And I looked up. And I saw – what could probably be very calm and beautiful. The Sky. And I gasped silently. And I was amazed that the sky could possibly be that mesmerizing. Sitting inside, turning back, seeing up, wanting to catch sight of that particular cloud. How could I not notice that before? Everyday, every weekday, I will go on that same road and I’ve been doing that for months already, but only now, only after almost 8 months, ALMOST, not so close, but still, ALMOST, that I have come to notice that the sky from that particular place is gorgeous.  
The clouds, literally, floating in the air. And yes, the sky was truly sky blue. And I looked at my side mirror and once again, I was amazed by the view. It looked like a painting! It’s amazing how such view could fit into just a side mirror of the Chevy. Soon, I reached home and captured it in my lenses. 

Listening to ‘Pocketful Of Sunshineby Natasha Bedingfield

It was an exceptionally happy Friday. With an arrival of bunches of Roses and Carnations, my friends greeted me with my favourite yellow flowers. Quite a surprise as I didn’t expect anyone to see me while I was at work. Best part, they got surprise Eclipse tickets. Yeahhh!Queen Lee certainly got overwhelmed, enthralled and speechless. Ended up just saying – Oh You Guys 🙂

Guess, feels like forgotten. And hence i remember these special lines – – – – – –Everything under the Sun is in-tune but the Sun itself is eclipsed by the moon.

Eclipse – an impeccable story and I couldn’t have enough of Bella-Edward seeing together. I keenly listened to every word throughout the movie. Gosh! So adorable, weren’t they? I had finished reading the book back in February and every page is absolutely fresh in my mind. I was able to successfully connect to it. Bella’s narration was heart-touching. Watching this movie is a treat if you have read the novel. The book has Bella’s narration described in a much better way.

Stopped by to eat shaved ice! I couldn’t stop trying most of the flavours. I spared a blue one with a  butter scotch flavour. So, all the blues are not as pretty as they look. Euwww. Guess, I got a place for family dinner this Sunday, 🙂 going tomorrow again & I might try to risk eating a Blue Gola. 🙂 Until then, xoxo.

Ice Gola


2 thoughts on “Eclipsed By The Moon

  1. I LOAVED the movie probably because i had read the novel and paid extra attention to the minute sentences in the movie. Gosh ! Jacob looked the best but enjoyed seeing every bit when bella-edward were together.

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