My WishList

 Hello August.       

 August, why are you so early this year? You know I’m not ready yet.    

Oh well, but I still have to face you, I know that. Already creeping into the back of my mind are the things that I ‘should’ do before September rolls in. I become tense just remembering about it.   

I take a deep breath. Stop those negative, worry-worth thoughts in their tracks.Currently listening to ‘If I Die Young’ by Band Perry.    

So, in life, there will always be things that I should be doing. In life, there will always be‘To Do’ Lists clamoring for my attention. In life, there will also always be wonderful things. Me? I’m jotting down the Wonderful, Simple, and Joyous things that I can fill the days to come with.     

My Wish List      

Fragrance by Gucci – Flora   

 Green Dell Studio – Intel Core    

 iPhone 3GS 

Jimmy Choo – DarcyStephenie Meyer – Breaking DawnThese are just the top five’s for now. Though i have a huge list not truly a wish list but TO DO ones.  

  • MUCH faster Internet connection, may be a wireless this time.
  • Writing Blogs long along for days.
  • Clicking beautiful trillions of pictures.
  • A warm Pink cardigan since its getting cold..atleast for me.
  • A cosmic flower cover for the iPod and of course, I need to replace the ear phone. 
  • A small table photo frame, pen stand, vase and some artificial flowers for my workstation.
  • An exquisite personal diary.

Wowie * ♥ ♣ ♦ BLING BLING ! $ ♥ $   

Well, I went to eat at Yana’s and believe me I ate the most yummiest sizzler ever made. I could not stop myself of eating and realised its time to stop, once the plates were empty. Absolutely delicious. I am realizing, I have spent the current and past week eating alot. And i am trying various cuisines in the city that were unexplored. Guess, I have eaten a complete hen in past 2 weeks.. Ewww – Awful.    

Well, I am wondering! What can I buy first off the above list, right now. Just right now. Wow, the though of shopping makes me feel better and happy 🙂 No No, but i am supposed to shop no more. Remember, the resolution.. 

But all just said above reminds me of August – And everything is allowed in August. 🙂  


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